Hi, We’re the Gibson Twins, Rick and Vic, and for the last year, we’ve worked with Acrylic Tank Manufacturers (ATM) and the TV Show Tanked on the Animal Planet as craftsmen creating facades and custom woodworking for their creative Fish Tanks. We’ve also been seen on American Restoration working with Rick Dale, completing Restoration projects for antiques, pop machines, furniture, amusement games, and go-karts just to name a few.

We have been here in the Las Vegas valley since the early 90’s, and our large projects have been seen all over town. From 1993 to 2008 we created props and special effects for Las Vegas Design Props, and worked in fabrication for John Stewart for the “Legends in Concert” show at the Imperial Palace, and traveled all over the U.S. setting up shows and installing props, and working with sub-contractors to plan and organize the shows in the different cities.

We also fabricated and assembled the “Star Trek Experience.” Fabricating props, and rigged and assisted in the controlling of functioning elements for the sets. Fabricated and assembled theatrical props, trade show booths, and designed and ran “Las Vegas Show Floats,” with parade floats running down the Las Vegas Strip.

Well, there’s a little bit about us, and if you have any creative or custom woodwork, cabinetry, metal or fabrication needs, send us an email at gibsontwins@gmail.com with your design concept.

Thank you, Rick and Vic Gibson